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ROBOTS are cool, but….

ROBOTS are cool, but….

ROBOTS are cool, but....

Getting a job is much cooler!

Small post guys! Just sharing the knowledge I just got hired today and will be working in a food and beverage company as a lab technician. Will be putting those chemistry lab assignments to the test. Must say it’s been tough trying to get a job that uses my degree, but I am blessed to say through patience and effort, I did it!

This is only the beginning of my stem…

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putting this up, since my website project for university is finished and I don’t have to put it on the web anymore.

a very, very basic image guide on how your portfolio should be presented or appear, whether you’re in fine arts, graphic design or illustration, illustrated by yours truly

please do NOT remove the commentary while reblogging, do not reupload anywhere else.

Just to add to this though, you should above all make sure that your personality isn’t hidden or lost in portfolio. Yes there are tips to help, and a clear portfolio is key, but what Universities and interviewers love to see is a sense of ‘you’ in your work. You are not a robot so do what feels right to you.

If you want to send your portfolio off in a bag made from your old favourite pair of jeans, DO IT. If you want to stick origami stars between the pages HAVE FUN WITH IT. Your portfolio is both a presentation of your work and an extension of yourself.
-So long as it’s clear to understand,
-It feels personal,
-And it shows a variety of the skills you want to portray
You’ve nailed it to the best of your ability, and ‘the best of your ability’ is a fantastic thing to achieve!

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