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Hey peeps,

Just to prove I have actually been working on creating this comic, I’ve started creating some characters that will possibly star in this comic of mine. The first set is Coach and Risky.

Coach is actually Dr.Goodman (a rather grumpy chemist), but Risky (turtle) is obsessed with sports, so he calls him Coach when they are creating and learning in the lab….its just a thought for right…

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ROBOTS are cool, but….

ROBOTS are cool, but….

ROBOTS are cool, but....

Getting a job is much cooler!

Small post guys! Just sharing the knowledge I just got hired today and will be working in a food and beverage company as a lab technician. Will be putting those chemistry lab assignments to the test. Must say it’s been tough trying to get a job that uses my degree, but I am blessed to say through patience and effort, I did it!

This is only the beginning of my stem…

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